Put olive oil on the soles of your feet, and you'll see what impresses you

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 Put olive oil on the soles of your feet, and you'll see what impresses you💙

 1. One woman wrote that my grandfather died at the age of 87, suffering from back pain, no joint pain, no headache, and loss of teeth, as soon as he began to say that he had an old man when he lived in Kolkata.  He advised him to put oil on the soles of his feet while sleeping.  It is the only source of treatment and fitness.

 2. A student said that my mother insisted on applying oil in the same way.  He then said that visual impairment as a child.  When I continued this process, my eye light gradually became fully and healthier.

 3. A businessman wrote that I went to Chitral for a holiday.  I slept in a hotel there.  I couldn't sleep.  I started walking outside.  The old guard sitting at night started asking me, "What's up?"  I said I can't sleep!  He smiled and said, "Do you have oil?"  I said no, he went and brought oil and said, "Massage toe for a few minutes."  Then I started snoring.

 4. I tried to massage the oil on the soles of my feet before bed at night.  This makes me sleep better and relieve fatigue.

 5. I had a stomach problem.  After an oil massage on my interior, my stomach problem was treated in two days.

 6. Actually!  This process has a magical effect.  I massaged the soles of my feet with oil before bed at night.  This operation gave me a very comfortable sleep.

 7. I did this trick 15 years ago.  It makes me very sleepy.  I also massage my children's toe with oil, making them very happy and healthy.

 8. My feet hurt.  I started massaging the soles of my feet with olive oil daily for 2 minutes before bed at night.  This operation relieved the pain in my leg.

 9. My legs were always swollen, and when I walked, I was tired.  This oil massage started on the soles of my feet before bed at night.  In just two days, my leg swelling disappeared.

10. It's great.  This advice is better than sleeping pills for comfortable sleep.  Now I sleep with the oil soles of my feet every night.

 11. My grandfather's foot was feeling burning and headaches.  By the time pumpkin oil began to be applied to his sole, the pain had disappeared.

 12. I had a thyroid disease.  My leg hurts all the time.  Last year, someone suggested that I massage oil on the soles of the feet before bed at night.  I do it permanently.  Now I'm generally quiet.

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