What Are the Requirements to Get a Visitor Visa to Canada


the Requirements to Get a Visitor Visa to Canada

Every traveller needs to be in possession of a valid passport (or unabridged birth certificate in the case of children) in order to travel across the Canadian border, no matter their country of origin. The passport needs to have an open page for immigration and passport control officers to stamp as you move across the borders or airport control points.

A lot of countries are exempt from applying for a Canada Visitor Visa and will only need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) but those that are not exempt need to appear in person at the Canadian embassy in their country of residence. A biometric screening is done by an embassy consultant and the travel documents that you must collect and present are checked for approval (generally over a 4-6 week waiting period however this depends on your nationality and where you are applying from).

The general requirements for a Travel Visa are as follows:

A valid travel document;

Be in good health;

No criminal record or immigration-related convictions;

Proof of ties in home country such as job, family, financial assets to prove you will return home;

Sufficient fund for your length of stay in Canada; 

Be admissible to Canada.

Reasons for possibly being admissible to Canada include but are not limited to any criminal activity, human rights violations, organized crime, security risks as well as health and financial reasons.

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What About My Family?

Canada is one of the best destinations in the world for family getaways. Children will always be entertained as the capital cities are filled with everything from zoos and aquariums to amusement parks and even rodeos. In winter, indulge in some child's play with a tobogganing ride down a snowy hill or a magical ice-skating experience outdoors.
If you’re searching for more educational activities, Ontario Science Centre and Fort York are good options. Further afield, Nahanni National Park Reserve and Gros Morne National Park give you the opportunity to spend quality time connecting through camping adventures, scenic train rides, and wildlife-spotting.
Please note that minor children (children under the age of 18 years old) will be required to have the same document as adult travellers. This is to ensure the safety of minors and those who do not have the necessary documents will be scrutinized closely.
Minor's Travelling Alone
Children who are travelling to Canada alone will need the following documents:
Own passport
Copy of birth certificate
Letter of authorization signed by both parents/legal guardians with contact information (in English or French if possible)
Minor's Travelling With One Parent or Guardian
Children who are travelling to Canada with one parent or legal guardian will require the following documents:
Child's passport
Copy of birth certificate
Letter of authorization signed by the parent not accompanying the child with contact details (in English or French if possible)
Parents that are Separated, Divorced, or Have Shared Custody
Copies of legal custody documents
Letter of authorization from the other parent/guardian
Parents that are Separated or Divorced and One Parent Has Sole Custody
Letter of authorization signed by that parent
Custody decree
One of the Parents is Deceased
Copy of death certificate
Adoptive Parents or Legal Guardian
Copy of guardianship/adoption papers
Minor Travelling to Canada with Anyone Other Than Parents or Legal Guardian
Written consent from parents or guardians to supervise the child (include contact details of parents/guardians)
Copy of parents' or legal guardian's signed passports or national identity cards
Whatever activities you choose, the entire family is sure to enjoy their time in Canada as it is so well-equipped for international travel. With many immigrants populating the major cities, you'll also find the country very diverse and multi-cultural, giving you a small taste of what it would be like to make the move to this radiant part of the world. With an aging population, Canada is also very inviting when it comes to children and immigration laws as there is a need for the youth to re-energize the workforce and make use of the world-class education systems.
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جواز السفر القديم .
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