Work visa in Malaysia and obtain residence and citizenship

 Malaysia Visa

If you are planning to immigrate to Switzerland and become a citizen of this country, you should know that there are several ways to immigrate to Switzerland that you can apply for.

 Persons with permanent residence in Switzerland can use all the facilities of a Swiss citizen; Such as free education, free medical services, opening a bank account etc. However, when the applicant gets Swiss citizenship or passport, in addition to the facilities, he will also have the right to vote and participate in the political affairs of the country.

 Switzerland residence applicants can apply for permanent residence in Switzerland after 5 years of residence if they are able to find full-time work in the country and are able to pay insurance and taxes on their salary and income. And obtaining permanent residence in Switzerland. In order to obtain a Swiss passport, the applicant must provide the conditions for obtaining a passport. As if he was fluent in German, at least at level A2. He must also be familiar with the history of this country in order to apply for citizenship after 10 years and obtain a Swiss passport.

Work visa in Malaysia and employment agencies 

In order to increase your job opportunity to obtain a work invitation from the company or employer, you must send all the required documents and documents, including your CV and study certificates, to recruitment agencies, private and international recruitment companies and work sites in Malaysia. In the following we know you a list of websites and recruitment agencies in Malaysia. Most of these establishments are in Kuala Lumpur and people can refer to them in person.

Randstad Malaysia

Address: Level 8 Menara Weld ,, 76 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-2036 6666

EPS Malaysia – Recruitment & Outsourcing Agency

Michael Page Malaysia – Recruitment Agency

Hays – Recruitment Agency Kuala Lumper Malaysia

Manpower Staffing Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

In the following, we present to you some employment sites where you can apply for a job search by sending your documents to them. 

Work visa in Malaysia and obtain residence and citizenship


One of the mission objectives of the applicant who migrates to any country in order to work is to obtain residency and citizenship in that country. Therefore, we decided to explain to you in this section of the article how to obtain residency and citizenship by working in this country. Malaysia has strict laws for granting residency and citizenship to applicants. Obtaining a Malaysian work visa and residence to work in this country will never end to obtaining residence and citizenship in this country. In addition, Malaysia's laws will never accept dual citizenship. Therefore, if you are one of the people who intend to immigrate to a country for work, we advise you to choose other countries, including Canada, Australia or New Zealand, that accept immigrants and grant them residence and citizenship in this country. 

 Work visa in Malaysia and its conditions 

You cannot obtain a work visa in Malaysia without obtaining a work invitation from the Malaysian employer. In order for the employer to hire a foreigner, he must first obtain an employment permit from the Ministry of Interior for the applicant and prove that there is no person qualified for this job in Malaysia. The salary required for the foreign applicant should be around RM5,000 at least, otherwise the visa will not be issued. Also, the applicant must be at least 23 years old. This visa is issued for a period of 6 months to 5 years, which varies according to the type of employment contract. The Malaysian work visa is issued in three ways.

Professional Visit Pass

This visa is issued for a period of 6 months to one year.

Residence Pass-talent

This visa is issued to the professional workforce who have been busy working in Malaysia for 3 years. This visa can be extended for ten years.

Employment Pass

This visa is issued for at least two years. 

Malaysian work visa and required documents 

To obtain a work visa in Malaysia and residence in this country and also the appropriate salary in the first step, the applicant must obtain the employer in this country in this way, in which the employer must send all the required documents and documents to the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Some of the documents required to obtain this important are as follows:

CV of the applicant

Business invitation letter from employer in Malaysia

At least a bachelor's degree certificate

Work experience related to the field of study

Passport valid for at least 6 months

The applicant does not have a criminal record

Four pieces of the biometric image

health certificate

Submit a complete visa application form

The applicant must submit all these documents and documents to an embassy and these documents must be endorsed by the Malaysian authorities. 

Work visa in Malaysia and final words  

Work visa in Malaysia, conditions for working in Malaysia and immigration to Malaysia by working in this article were scientifically reviewed. If you are one of the people who wish to work in Malaysia or immigrate to this country, we advise you that before making any decision, contact the experts and consultants of the Austrian MIE Consulting and benefit from a free professional advice on working conditions in Malaysia. According to what we said about the labor laws of this country and that Malaysia will not grant permanent residence and its passport to applicants, we advise you that before making any decision, visit the institution’s website and by reading our other detailed articles about work visas in Malaysia and work visas in other countries Including Canada, Australia or other European countries, and comparing them with your own terms, choose the best and most appropriate way for you.


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