The most successful ways to immigrate to Canada and the required papers


The most successful ways to immigrate to Canada and the required papers

 Necessary documents for immigration to Canada:

Necessary documents for immigration to Canada and Quebec:

Candidate's passport.

The candidate's increase contract.

Marriage contract of the candidate if he is married.

Divorce contract if divorced.

Wife's death certificate if he is widowed.

Personal photos, such as those in the passport.

All diplomas and certificates of Islamic education and training institutions.

A statement or statement of points for all the above-mentioned diplomas and certificates.

Letterhead for the operating entity, whether governmental or belonging to the private sector.

A document showing the duration of the work with the date of its start and end.

A document showing the number of weekly working hours.

Certificates showing the positions in which the candidate worked in his home country, with a specified duration.

Record of arrival, or confirmation of permanent residence for those who obtained it.

Submit the original translations and certificates with the endorsement of the translator, if one of the documents sent is in other than the official Canadian languages, namely: English and French .

Valid driver's license.

A certificate showing the candidate's proficiency in one of the two languages, French or English, represented by one of these certificates:

- French knowledge test (TCF)

- French language proficiency test for Quebec (TCFQ)

- French assessment test (TEF)

- Evaluation test of French adapted for Quebec (TEFAQ)

- Diploma in French language studies (DELF)

- French assessment test for Canada (TEF Canada)

As for the English language, it must be available on the certificate of the English language test known as IELTS

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The most successful ways to immigrate to Canada and the required papers 

Among the best policies and the most effective ways to immigrate to Canada in a legal and free way is immigration through a family sponsor or a request to bring the family together, so that a family member residing in Canada and who has Canadian citizenship or was Canadian can sponsor a person from his family if he wants to come to Canada, and it is also possible The husband may submit an application in order to be reunited with his wife, as is the case with the wife. She can submit an application for her husband to join her in Canada, because Canada cares so much about family ties and gives him great importance.

However, an application for the enrollment of parents, such as mother, father, grandfather and grandmother for permanent residence, has been canceled, except in the case of temporary residence, or rather hosting or tourism, which is included in the Super Visa program.

This method gives you the possibility to live and work in Canada easily. You can live, study and work in Canada. It is only required that the sponsor be of adult age, that is, over 18 years of age, while there are other conditions, but they remain according to cases. For example, in the case of marriage, it is required that the marriage be real, that is, not a marriage The interest or marriage is in order to obtain Canadian residency only and that the couple’s age is more than 18 years, as in the case that you have a child that you are raising and taking care of, whether the child is your child or adopted, it is necessary to ensure that you collect all the necessary documents and documents in order to accompany him To Canada and sponsor him in order to live in Canada, and this of course concerns children who have reached the age of majority, i.e. over 18 years old.

In all cases, the main condition in order to immigrate to Canada through sponsorship remains that the guarantor should be able to sponsor, that is, to provide you with the necessary needs for housing, food, drink, clothes, and so on.

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