Top 5 countries offer free accommodation

Top 5 countries offer free accommodation

 Many young people are terrified to travel to find a

 suitable job opportunity, especially in European countries, which made the desire to travel to Western countries much more than the Arab and Gulf countries, but some are afraid of the costs, but today we will show you some countries that grant you the right to reside after a while. not big.


Sweden is characterized by its wonderful atmosphere all year round, as well as the calm character of its small population, allowing you to find work and distinguished and quiet housing.

It is one of the countries that grants the refugee the right of residence, but whoever works for the state, provided that 6 years have passed, in addition to providing many social assistance. And medical clinics as a kind of assistance in the beginning of your journey.


A country in the middle of Europe and its economic nerve, its climate is relatively nicer than Sweden, its people are more social because of the large number of jobs available more, and housing is easier than Sweden, but it grants temporary and conditional residence granted for a period of one or three years and permanent residence after 5 years but it is conditional on learning the language and work.


The Netherlands is a wonderful country with its beautiful nature and climate. People are social like Germany, but job opportunities are average, determined by competence and age, and full residence is granted after 7 years of living in it and on the condition of working according to the certificate that the traveler holds. Most of these countries are within the European Union


Not much different from Sweden, but living expenses in Copenhagen are expensive because it is the capital, residents of the capital are responsible for a 45% income tax, and give the right of residence after 5 years of joining a state university "taken from tourism grants"


The nature of the United States of America is very different from the previous countries, as it is a modern country characterized by speed and amazing development, which allows you to find many job opportunities that suit you, and there are some states where living is expensive, but soon you will find other states suitable for you, and you cannot register In any of the state universities upon arrival, but this is compensated by enrolling in the many free courses offered by the state Tourism

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