Immigration to Canada through rural areas

Immigration to Canada through rural areas

 The immigration program to Canada, which is called the Rural Immigration Program, is designed to bring foreign workers to small communities within Canada.

Each SKILLED WORKER who wants to obtain permanent residence in Canada will be required to work and live in one of Canada's rural communities eligible under this new program.


This new program has been designed after seeing experience that has seen significant success in raising populations and meeting labor needs within the Atlantic provinces.

This Atlantic model is working on offering job offers to newcomers who move to the new area, and also facilitating the living conditions for them and their families.

Objective of the Rural Migration Program

The program aims to bring immigrants in order to meet the needs of the labor market, as well as to support the Canadian economy.

Establishing welcoming environments to support newcomers residing within rural communities.

Steps to apply for rural immigration to Canada

As a candidate, you must get a job in one of the rural communities participating in this program, but getting a job will be easier, easier, why?

Rural areas suffer greatly from a lack of employment and the only way to complete this lack of employment is foreign workers because Canadian citizens and other foreign workers want to work in major cities and not in rural cities, and this is what makes the rural immigration program easy.

The most important step in the program is to obtain approval from the rural community who will process the application for the applicant, then you will be eligible to apply for permanent residence, and then you will move to work and live in Canada.

Conditions for applying for immigration to Canada

If you meet the requirements for immigration through the Rural Immigration Program to Canada, you may be eligible to apply. These conditions are:

The applicant obtaining the approval of one of the rural cities mentioned.

That the applicant has a work experience of not less than one year, or that he has graduated from one of the accredited universities or institutes.

Pass an English or French language test.

That the applicant obtains a job offer from one of the cities mentioned.

The applicant must have an educational level lower than the secondary level and be accredited.

Provide proof of financial ability that the applicant has sufficient funds. 

Acknowledgment and undertaking to live within the city that made the recommendation to the applicant.

To find out more details about this program, it is possible 

                       Visit the official website of the program 


The features of this program are:

 A total of 70 points is required.

 If you find a work contract, it takes up to 55 points, which means almost acceptable 

 You can apply even if you are sixty years old

You are between 18 and 36 years old, you get 8 points

You are between 37 and 47 years old, you get 3 points

You are 48 years old and above get 2 points

Experience required in this program at least two years:

You have 2 years experience, you get 2 points 

You have 3 years experience, you get 4 points

You have 4 years experience, you get 5 points

You have 5 years experience, you get 6 points

You have more than 6 years experience, you get more than 10 points

If you visit sainte Marie by way of an exploratory visit and meet at least two operators and spend five nights there, you get an extra 8 points.

Adapting to Saint Mary's community, if you have knowledge of cultural and sporting events, you will get 5 full points, which means that you are aware and integrated with the lifestyle in the region.

If you buy a house in Saint Mary, you get 8 points

You do not have to have higher degrees, so if you have a secondary level, you are accepted.

If you have a relative who lives in this area, you win 5 points

english language ielts or celpip 

CV and work certificates, follow them with the link

To apply, use the following link:

To search for a job, enter the following link:

Good luck

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