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Immigration and work to America 2021

There are several ways that many people acros the world take to immigrate to America, but they are mostly characterized by lack of credibility, such as resorting to some sites and agencies that claim their ability to help people immigrate, but unfortunately ends up defrauding young people and stealing their money. In this article, we do not claim that we will help you to immigrate or provide you with a visa to America, but we will show you different ways of immigration and for you to choose what suits you from among them.

Family gathering

And it is the most famous method, as residents in America can request the joining of their family with them, provided that their kinship with them (husband or wife - son or daughter - father or mother - brother or sister)

Immigration to America by studying

Arab students can obtain free scholarships in America through a number of grants offered annually by American universities, and the conditions and method of participation differ from one university to another, but in general, academic excellence and mastery of the English language are required in writing and reading

Labor migration

A citizen residing in America can bring in a skilled workforce he needs in a project or contracting, and they can reside in America permanently if the nature of the work requires that, and if they submitted a request in this regard, but in this case the operating company must obtain a license from the Ministry of Labor to obtain Worker visa

Participation in the Green Card random migration lottery

America provides a random lottery for immigration once every two years and announces this on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fifty thousand immigrants are selected from around the world, especially from countries that know a low rate of immigration to America and provide them with permanent residence in America without providing housing and work. That is, the immigrant must search for himself if he is successful in obtaining this card

Tips and directions

All documents must be reviewed and examined and sent in a timely manner, because any mistake, no matter how small, will lead to the request being canceled

In the event that you are asked to pay an amount, do not delay it and make sure that you send it to the correct destination

If you are in doubt, there is nothing wrong with consulting a lawyer with experience in immigration matters

In the event of admission, the necessary checks must be carried out within or shortly before the fatal term

In the event that you are summoned to meet a respectable normal dress, and you have trained this before and developed your English

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