The easiest way to marry a Portuguese woman to get citizenship

The easiest way to marry a Portuguese woman to get citizenship

Marriage to a Portuguese is one of the ways to obtain Portuguese

 citizenship, but taking marriage in Portugal as a means only to obtain Portuguese citizenship is a circumvention of the nationality law in Portugal, and this is what we will learn about in the coming lines.

Obtaining Portuguese citizenship through marriage:

It is known that the goal of marriage is to form a family and a stable life. This life continues as normal as all those who accept marriage, but if this marriage is planned from the beginning to continue for a certain period, and for a specific goal, which is to obtain a Portuguese passport, then this is an order Contrary to the nationality law in Portugal.

How to obtain Portuguese citizenship 

Many people are looking for a way to immigrate to Portugal, or these people are already immigrants to Portugal and are looking for a way to obtain citizenship.

The person who wants to immigrate to Portugal, his first goal is to immigrate and then obtain Portuguese citizenship, and the person who holds the Portuguese residency, is looking for a quick way to obtain Portuguese citizenship.

Of course, the goal of these people in obtaining a Portuguese passport is a legitimate goal, but marrying a Portuguese to obtain Portuguese citizenship only is illegal.

Because one of the conditions for obtaining Portuguese citizenship through marriage is that the goal should not be for personal interest only, whether by agreement of the parties, or for a personal goal by one of the parties to the marriage.

The law requires the sustainability of marriage in Portugal after obtaining citizenship for a period of not a short period, but after obtaining citizenship, if the divorce process takes place, then the matter is unnatural, and may lead to the withdrawal of citizenship.

Why is it required to continue marriage in Portugal for a while?

Not everyone wants to marry a Portuguese woman not because he loves her and wants her as his wife, but there are those who marry for the purpose of obtaining Portuguese citizenship through marriage, in which case the citizenship may be withdrawn.

Marriage to a Portuguese woman may also be for a material benefit, that is, a person agrees with a Portuguese woman and marries her for the purpose of obtaining citizenship, and then the two people divorce, in exchange for the husband paying his Portuguese wife a sum of money in exchange for marriage and obtaining Portuguese citizenship, after which the divorce takes place, This is a fraud on the immigration and nationality law of Portugal.

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