A great trick to get a stay in France without marriage and without a contract of employment


All immigration information and obtaining residence in France for immigrants, whether large or small, will be of great help to those who like to obtain a residence visa. Therefore, the topic of today's article will be a diabolical trick with which it is possible to obtain residency in France within one year.

But it should be noted that our way of immigration to France may mix halal and haram. So it is worth paying attention to. It is hoped that those who think about these matters are not advised to read the article, because the issue is legal and it is not possible to be certain about whether it is permissible or forbidden?

But what can be assured is that this method will help many harragas and people wishing to obtain a French visa or residence papers in achieving this dream.

Residence in France by marriage or the so-called (Le Pacs)

In most European countries, as well as in France, there are many relationships between adults that are semi-marriage, but not a marriage called (Le Pacs).

There is no complete translation of this term, but the meaning behind it is the recognition of a romantic relationship between two adults.

What is Le Pacs (Civil Solidarity Pact)?

It is a contract between two adults of different or the same sex to organize their lives together. In France, it is a contractual form of civil union between two adults to organize their joint life. It brings rights and responsibilities, but it is less than marriage. The PACS was voted on by the French Parliament in October 1999.

 In general, people who enter into this relationship have the right to reside in one house and benefit from social assistance, and they can benefit from family unification and all the rights enjoyed by spouses in France. In 2012 94% of PACS however were among opposite-sex couples.

It can be considered somewhat similar to customary marriage in Arab countries. But there are differences that need not be mentioned so as not to be misunderstood.

However, upon separation, the divorce law does not apply to them, from going back and forth to the courts, and alimony.

 How can an immigrant enter into a Le Pacs relationship  

If you were a secret immigrant in France, and you met a French girl and entered into an affair with her. You can ask her to formally register your relationship in order for it to be legally recognized. And take advantage of the residence in France through Le Pacs.

Le Pacs, then, is a legal acknowledgment that the person is related to the girl, and they live together in the same apartment. When this relationship is recognized, then the secret immigrant has the right to obtain a residence card in France.

 What are the conditions for obtaining permanent residence in France

It does not matter if you have a job or not, it is not necessary to marry a French girl or a woman residing in France.

All you need to do to obtain a residence permit is as follows:

It is to be in a partnership relationship with a legally recognized girl (PACS).

To prove that the relationship is serious and not only for interest.

To prove that you have resided in France for at least one year.

What are the conditions and documents required for both partners to be able to register in this relationship 

There are necessary conditions that must be adhered to, as well as necessary documents, which both spouses must bring.

For the clandestine immigrant:

Fill out the application form (it can be downloaded from this link )

Joint declaration of entering into a relationship and joint residence.

The increase contract (full copy or a true copy) does not exceed 6 months.

Translation of the increase contract by a sworn translator or at the consulate.

The original copy of the identity document (passport or identity …) and it must be valid and issued by the public administration + one copy (photocopy).

Criminal record or good conduct from your country.

A document that proves that you have not entered into a legal relationship with another French girl and is extracted from the civil registry.

If you are divorced, you must bring a divorce certificate or document.

If you are a widow, you must bring the death certificate of the ex-wife.

If you are single, you must bring a certificate of celibacy.

For the French partner:

Fill out the entire custom form and sign it (it can be downloaded from here ).

Joint declaration of entering into the relationship and joint residence.

Increase contract full version and did not exceed 3 months.

A valid identity document (national card or passport...) + photocopy for this document.

Divorce document that the French partner was previously married.

If the French partner is widowed, he must present the death certificate of the former spouse

A certificate of celibacy in case the French partner is single

Residential certificate .

Where can the application for recognition of the relationship be submitted?

The two partners must apply together to one of the municipality centers in the area in which they reside, and they must be together during the application.

They should also bring with them all the required documents in addition to the form and submit it to the civil status officer in the municipality.

For more information on places of registration and other required documents, you can visit this website

Register here 

Can I obtain citizenship through this relationship  

This relationship allows the secret immigrant to obtain residence papers in France within the framework of the so-called family residence.

But this relationship does not allow a person to obtain French citizenship because it is different from marriage.

Types of residence in France 

It is a one-year residence card, a French residence card for 5 years, a French residence card for 10 years.

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