An innovative, legal and easy way to get a stay in Spain

An innovative, legal and easy way to get a stay in Spain

 In this example, we will learn about the method of immigration

 and obtaining temporary and permanent residence in Spain

This method is summarized in the purchase of commercial capital, which can be (cafe, snacks, barber shop, tea room…etc). It is worth noting that Spain does not force anyone to sell alcoholic beverages, as this is optional for everyone.

The only condition that must be met is the presence of a person who has permanent residence in one of the Schengen countries to buy this capital with you.

You can also participate with 2 or 3 people in this project.

You and your family will benefit from a temporary residence permit for two years, subject to renewal.

After you obtain a temporary residence for two years, you must pay the full tax dues, as well as pay the social security dues on your behalf and on behalf of your workers, if there are workers, of course. It is worth noting that if you hire workers, you will benefit from tax reductions and social contributions. I mean, it is better for you to serve people according to your ability, of course.

After the expiry of the two years, your residency is renewed for another two years. After the expiry of the two years, that is, 4 years, and you have paid all the dues, you will be given permanent residency for 5 years, and here you can apply for Spanish citizenship.

During your stay in Spain during the period of temporary residence, it is forbidden for your wife and family members to work, and your children and family benefit from all other rights such as - study - treatment, movement in the Schengen space ... etc.

For information, the price of the capital is not very high, as it ranges between 5000 euros and above, which means that it is affordable, and you pay the rent of the shop in which you practice your activity, of course, according to the shop and the nature of the activity (200 euros to approximately 500 euros or more per month).

Finally, the person who will enter with you as a partner in the shop has the same privileges that you have, but you should know that the partner who has the European residency is the first responsible in the shop, meaning the approval and representation before the authorities and official authorities, so it is necessary to know the choice of a trustworthy person. 



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    اسمي اهاب بنعمر شاب من تونس وعمري 30 سنة ومتحصل على رخصة سياقة بأنواعها منها سياقة الشاحنات الخفيفة والثقيلة رقم هاتفي هو 21698567480 + وهو ايضا رقمي على الوات ساب ،أرغب في عقد عمل لاتمكن من الحصول على فيزا ،الاميل هو مرحبا

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      ياسر من السودان
      خريج كلية الزراعة
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      اريد ان اكمل دراساتي هناك

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