Canada's best cities have Arab immigrants

أفضل مدن كندا يوجد بها العرب المهاجرين


Canada's best cities have Arab immigrants

Ontario and Quebec, Ontario are among the cities in which most of the Canadian population lives of Arab origin. The proportion in Quebec is 39%. Ontario is considered a place for 43% of the total Arab community in Canada, while 8% live in Alberta, 4% live in British Columbia and 3% reside in Nova Scotia.

In Ksebek, Canadians of Arab descent live in a much larger proportion of the population of the province there than in any other province or territory. It was declared that the proportion of Quebec's population is of Arab origins, 2%, and in both Ontario and Nova Scotia Alberta, the proportion reached 1%. 

Through this it is clear that most of the population lives in four provinces.


The city of Montreal

The city of Toronto overlooks the Saint Laurent River, within Quebec, with a population of 1016,376 people. Of French origins, the newcomer does not feel strange because it embraces all the residents inside it, and in that city you will not feel any difference, whatever your religion, shape or color, and it provides job opportunities for arrivals with suitable wages, as well as health service and education.


It is located in Ontario, and the cost of living is low, and work is also present there, and there are many Arab cafes, which are considered as meeting places for Arabs, and the Arabs are distributed within them as follows: 

The number of Egyptians is 7045, equivalent to 1.88%

The number of Lebanese is 2905, equivalent to 0.78%

The number of Algerians is 180, equivalent to 0.05%

The number of Egyptians is 7045, equivalent to 1.88%

The number of Moroccans is 170, equivalent to 0.05%

There are many Arabs in it for several factors, as it is considered one of the cities that are almost free from crime. The city is characterized by calm and green nature that allows for hiking and renewal of activity. It contains many companies that allow for the existence of many job opportunities, and there are many high-end neighborhoods at cheap prices. Many Arab immigrants who live in the city have achieved impressive successes in various fields.

Laval City 

Located in the province of Quebec, the first language is French, and many of the residents speak Arabic and English and there are job opportunities. The city is characterized by excellent health care and a distinguished educational system, in addition to dozens of advantages that the city contains.


It is located in Ontario and is considered one of the most famous cities and is characterized by being the capital of Canadian cars, where many Arabs of Iraqi and Syrian origin live. In Canada in general, we find the Philippines, India and China getting the first place of birth, but this theory differs in Windsor in the high rate of birth goes to Iraq and Syria  . In Iraq, 20.2% of Windsor immigrants were born between 2011 and 2016, while Syria represented 10.5%, and the United States 8.6%, while China and India 7.9%.

And a natural thing as a result of the presence of all these Arabs in the city is that it is one of the best cities in Canada for Arabs, 

city ​​of toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is located on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario, and is considered one of the best cities in terms of population, with a population of 2.8 million, and it is one of the world's most multicultural cities, and about half of its residents are immigrants born outside Canadian territory, and it is full of cultures, languages, food and arts . The Toronto area produces more than 50% of all Canadian manufactured products.

With its large economy size, cost of living and quality of life, it attracts many investors. Forbes describes Toronto as being located in the economic heart of one of the world's richest countries, and many immigrants enjoy a very high per capita income with a variety of jobs in the city. Toronto is famous for its quality of higher education, diverse job opportunities and high per capita income, thanks to its diverse population, diverse population segments, and many job opportunities. 

City of Ottawa 

 It is the center of government in Canada, located on the border of the province of Quebec, and is one of Canada's most multicultural cities.

Ottawa has many post-secondary institutions, research opportunities and cultural opportunities, as well as the best cities for employment and living opportunities.


 It is home to 1.3 million people and is considered a major city and urban Canadian area. It is a very welcoming city for immigrants. It is a vibrant city with many great features, education, universities, rivers, wonderful natural scenery, and public transportation. The crime rate is low in Calgary. , and there is a significant improvement in the unemployment rate and this has led to the demand of immigrants with a wonderful environment and very reasonable housing prices, Calgary is one of the best Canadian places to live in the province of Alberta.


It is famous for its high-end scenery and great photography locations, but the cost of living is much higher, compared to other places 

It is home to people who are about to live in Canada, as it is a wonderful city that always welcomes new immigrants

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