Conditions for immigration to Sweden and online submission

Conditions for immigration to Sweden and online submission

 Conditions for immigration to Sweden

Sweden wants to bring immigrants to meet its needs from the population, which makes young people in particular and people who want to immigrate in general to think about any way to immigrate to Sweden, but the matter is of course not as easy as you imagine, there are a number of conditions that you must meet, and among the most prominent conditions Immigration to Sweden:

According to Swedish immigration law, the person wishing to immigrate must have an identity or personal proof, whether it is a passport or any other official document

You have to apply for a permanent residence permit in Sweden, especially if you want to stay on Swedish territory for more than 90 days, and obtaining this permit is one of the most important conditions for immigration to Sweden, as you will not be able to apply for Swedish citizenship without it

After obtaining a permanent residence card in Sweden, you must spend at least 5 years in Sweden, which is the period specified in the Swedish Immigration Act, to be able to obtain citizenship

The Swedish Ministry of Immigration evaluates the behavior of the immigrant throughout his stay in Sweden before acquiring its citizenship, especially in the extent to which he respects the laws and does not violate them

In order to apply for Swedish citizenship individually, you must have reached the age of 18, and for children under that age, they are submitted through parents

It is imperative to learn the Swedish language or even at least the basics that allow you to mix with the citizens there, although it is not a prerequisite for immigration to Sweden according to Swedish immigration law, but it will help you adapt to the Swedish culture, and avoid any mistakes or problems that may affect on your application for citizenship.

Submit an online immigration application

At first you should visit the dedicated site,

And choose the English or Swedish language, and it is not preferable to choose the Arabic language, due to the lack of a search engine that will help in the successful completion of the immigration process

Submit your immigration application and then click on Check your application

After that a rectangle will appear, write your file number in it

If the box appears in yellow, it means that this decision has not yet been decided, especially since the files are well studied

When the box appears in blue, it means that your file is under study, and if it appears in green, it means that the request has been approved.

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