Free visa to France obtained online

Free visa to France obtained online

Documents required to obtain a France visa

A passport valid for more than 3 months.

3 recent personal photos.

Pay the file fee.

Sign the request.

Documents proving the purpose of your travel to France.

Documents that prove your ability to spend, live and reside there.

Bank account statement for the last 3 months.

Health insurance covering at least 30 thousand euros for the duration of your travel.

Hotel reservation or invitation letter from a person residing in France.

Round trip flight ticket reservation.

The French visa application form can be downloaded on the official website from here 

Immigration to France with a work visa

Immigration to France through work is among the legal ways of immigration, only you can obtain a work contract that allows you to reside from 6 months to 3 years, subject to renewal, and the presence of many Arab communities, especially from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, allows the availability of work contracts, and the employer must A work contract is sent to you so that you can carry out the usual travel procedures and go to the French Embassy in your country and complete the remaining procedures.

But there is an easier way to travel to work because normal work contracts force the employer in France to submit a certificate to the state that there is no worker inside France or from Europe who can work in this profession, which is difficult and involves complications, and the easy way is through seasonal work... and the conditions for obtaining On seasonal work visa:

Obtaining a long-stay visa in France

In the case of exceeding 90 days, we will enter the long-stay visa system, and this visa will be granted to you if your stay starts from 3 months to one year, and if you travel on a short-term visa and exceed the period according to the circumstances and reasons for travel or your desire to immigrate to France, you must immediately To request a residence permit to continue your stay after the visa validity period has expired.

These are the residency cases that allow the long-stay visa

Residence permanently for a tourist or personal reason.

practicing a professional activity.

Follow up and complete the study.

Join your family.

Each of the above reasons has its own documents to prove the correctness of your statements and take the appropriate procedures to ensure approval of your visa application.

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