immigrate to Canada by 4 way

immigrate to Canada by 4 way

 We talked about the advantages of immigration to Canada, and here are the details of immigration programs to Canada, and we will divide them into 4 basic methods, explaining the details of each method and how to accept them quickly.

How to apply for immigration application in the Express Entry system?

You must apply and open a file for you on the site specialized in submitting immigration applications, and this is throughout the year and has no specific time.

Every two weeks, the committee announces opportunities for immigration and a certain number of points are required, so you just have to look at the number of your points, which are determined as I mentioned earlier from the total of language proficiency, work experience, proof of income, your academic degrees … etc.

After you reach the required points, you will be accepted and an invitation is sent to you to come to Canada initially in what is called a soft landing, and then you have a grace period to travel and start to settle in Canada.

Note that there are some benefits that are provided to you, such as financial aid, even work, housing benefits, children’s education, etc.

2- Provincial Nominee Program

Canada consists of different provinces or territories, and most of the remote provinces and cities in Canada can nominate the admission of immigrants within the regional nomination system, and this is according to the conditions and criteria of each region from others according to its requirements.

Some regions attract skilled workers, others attract students, and others target craftsmen or investors. After fulfilling the conditions, these people can obtain permanent residency.

3-The Family sponsored visa program

This program makes it easier for Canadian citizens or even permanent residents, provided they are over 18 years of age, to take care of their families wishing to immigrate to Canada, provided that all parties reside together.

The husband can also submit a request to emigrate to his wife, provided that one year passes after the marriage contract so that the two parties can apply for immigration and then acceptance.

4- Self-Employed program

All persons who like to work alone in self-employment and are not associated with an organization, etc., can apply for immigration on the self-employment program, and the conditions for applying are:

 Having at least two years experience in the field of work during the last five years prior to the date of application

To be working completely freely in any of the different fields

That they meet the conditions of self-employment for the Canadian state

Enjoying good health and freedom from chronic diseases

The applicant must have a decent personality

It is worth noting that these conditions are simple and smooth conditions that apply to a large segment of individuals applying, regardless of their conditions and qualifications, to obtain a suitable opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

Canada Immigration application site

The application is made directly through the website of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where you open a file for you, record your data, and provide electronic copies of your documents through the ministry link

And if you have any other inquiries, you can put it in the comments, and we will answer you and help you as much as possible, completely free of charge.

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