Immigration to America U.S. district offers $10, 000 to immigrants

Immigration to America U.S. district offers $10, 000 to immigrants

 Immigration to America ... "Life (fits) here" This is how the US government called this initiative in the US state of Arkansas in an announcement to its Northwest Council, which includes grants of up to $10,000 for those wishing to move to this region.

The council wishes to attract residents to this region with an investment of more than one million dollars in a period of up to six months. According to the announcement, this initiative aims to clarify the advantages of life, services and standard of living provided in the Northwest Arkansas region.

In the context of the promotional announcement, the council clarifies that Northwest Arkansas has a wonderful standard of living as one of the best areas in terms of cost of living, in addition to the picturesque natural resources and many other wealth such as arts and cuisine nationwide.
What distinguishes this American region and makes it attractive to those who want to immigrate to America is the level of per capita income that exceeds the average per capita income in the US states by 14%, according to what was mentioned in the advertisement.

In addition to all this, the government added: Northwest Arkansas provides a clean environment for those eager to relocate from expensive and polluted major cities, over and above the amount that would be given to new movers as enough to start a new life on the level.

In addition to that amount, the council will offer the new residents of the area bicycles for paved streets and bicycles for the mountains, to encourage them to preserve the environment and explore the picturesque sites that reach hundreds of kilometers.

This area is a good example of living for recent graduates and families, for those who want to change their career path, as well as for artists, according to the advertisement.
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