Immigration to Australia in a guaranteed manner within 90 days

Immigration to Australia in a guaranteed manner within 90 days

In order to immigrate to Australia, a person needs to obtain a work

 contract as a prerequisite to continue working on the immigration procedures, and also wait for a long time to complete all the procedures related to it, but through the method that we will mention, the person does not need a work contract or wait for a long time.

How to immigrate to Australia quickly and securely:

It is through study, through which it is possible to immigrate in a short time that does not exceed 90 days, with the possibility of staying in Australia and working legally after obtaining a study certificate in Australia.

Because after completing the study stage, a temporary residence permit can be obtained and through this permit it is possible to settle in Australia and search for work, but the permit does not exceed a period of one year, so it is necessary to obtain work in a period not exceeding one year, because it is difficult to renew it after that period ends. duration.

After obtaining work in Australia and agreeing with the employer on a formal employment contract, through that contract, a request can be submitted to convert a temporary residence permit into a work permit in Australia, and upon obtaining a work permit, a person can work in any field he wants and completely free.

Because the labor law in Australia does not require a person to work in the field in which he obtained his degree, and the freedom of movement to work in any field unrelated to the field of study obtained by the person is what makes the study a distinctive way to immigrate to Australia.

Obtaining a scholarship to immigrate to Australia:

From here,    via this website, you can obtain a scholarship and apply to study at an Australian university.


Requirements for converting a student visa to a work visa in Australia:

In order to convert a temporary residence permit to seek work in Australia into a permanent work permit, the following documents must be provided:

 -  Study certificate 

 Job offer or contract

  Valid passport

  Color copy of the passport

  - A personal photo of the same size as the passport photo

Documents required to study in Australia:

  Obtaining university admission from an Australian university or     institute via the Internet

  A valid valid passport

  An educational certificate from the home country

  High school transcripts

  Motivation letter

  Proof of spending ability after arriving in Australia

 CV letter

  A personal photo with a white background, the same size as the passport photo

  medical examination

 A criminal record free of offenses

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