Immigration to Britain: the costs of travel and living

 To take a look at some of the most important costs when immigrating to Britain, please note that the costs below were in effect as of February 2020. For the latest information on currency exchange and a useful currency converter, please visit .

* Visa costs

When considering moving to the UK, one of the biggest costs can be a visa. Unless you are lucky enough to have a British or European passport, you will need to budget for processing fees, health care surcharges for immigration ( explained here ) and required savings.

* Category 5 - Youth Mobility Visa

The application will cost £244 to process (about AU$445/CAD$425 at the time of writing).

There is also a cost of £300 per year (600 for two years) for the Immigration Health Care Supplement (about AU$1095 / CAD$1040 at the time of writing). You pay this at the time of application.

You must have proof of £1,890 in savings (about $3,445 / $3,280 CAD at the time of writing).

*Passion visa

You'll need to pay £516 to apply (about $940 / CAD 895 at the time of writing).

There is also a cost of £400 per year in which you intend to stay in exchange for the additional health immigration fee. For example, it would be £2,000 for a 5-year visa (about $3,645/CAD $3,475 at the time of writing) if you plan to stay for the full five years of the visa. You pay this at the time of application.

* Category 2 - Sponsorship Visa / Work Permit

The amount you pay for a Tier 2 visa depends on your location and the intended duration of the visa. Roughly, the price ranges from £464 to £1220. However, we recommend that you follow this link to see exactly how much it might cost you

You will be required to pay £400 (about $730 / CAD $695 at the time of writing) in additional health immigration fees annually for each year you plan to stay, for example, £2000 for a 5-year visa. You must pay this at the time of placing the order.

You must have proof of £945 in savings (approximately $1,720 / $1,640 CAD at the time of writing).

There is also a visa application fee that you will have to pay for your dependents (which again depends on your location and intended length of stay in the UK).

Each dependent must have £630 (about $1,100 AUD + CAD).

Dependents who will also join you will need to pay the Immigration Health Fee in exactly the same way.

* Initial travel costs

There are many costs associated with moving around the world!


If you were awarded a place to teach in the UK through the Australian Teach-In site, you may have also taken advantage of the free flight offer. If not, you will need to consider this significant cost when planning your budget.

Travel Insurance:

 The saying goes, "If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford travel."

We wholeheartedly agree. There is an array of inexpensive travel insurance products for relatives on offer these days, and if you've had a miserable (and expensive) experience of illness or injury abroad, your belongings stolen, or an emergency in your home country that you need to fly home right away, you'll know it's not worth the risk of traveling without insurance.

Costs to get to/from the airport:

 and spend money during transit. Depending on which route you take to England, these costs can really add up. Just make sure you plan for it, so arriving in a new country is a fun adventure rather than a stressful challenge.


 Perhaps you need a new backpack to facilitate a summer of European adventures? Or maybe you just want to take a lot of things with you to England? Beware trying to take too much on your trip because excess baggage costs can change the mood of your trip - sending a pack of winter clothes from home is usually the case. For example, rather than exchange them all in the UK, or bring them on the plane with you when you first fly.

* How much money will I need when I get to Britain?

You have to think about how much money you want for the cost of living once you get there.

If you already found a job at Teach In before you left, you'll need enough to cover your expenses until you start working. If you're heading here without a job to go to, it makes sense to budget a little extra, in case it takes longer than expected to find a job.

You will need to spend some money for any trip you take before you start working. If you want a quick weekend break in Paris to celebrate your arrival, you can get a Eurostar return ticket to Paris, Bruges, Brussels or Lille for as little as £100, and as little as £100 for a double room in a budget hotel once you get there ( or much less for a dorm bed in a youth hostel).

First month's rent (between £350 - £ 750 depending on where and how you choose to live)

Some cash for the bonds (usually about a full month's rent)

All other costs are left up, depending on how you want to spend your time in Britain. With Europe at your doorstep, you may want to take some extra cash for travel. Or if you're really into the arts, put some money into all of London's theaters with musicals, plays and concerts. Or you might want to watch a soccer match (yes, we're talking about soccer).

In terms of your daily living costs, how much you spend depends on things like groceries and clothes. You can compare how much you would spend on groceries in Britain at home, by setting up a mock shop for the usual items at Asda, Tesco or another major UK supermarket chain.

So in general, before you immigrate to Britain, you will need 3000 to 4000 dollars for the cost of visa and health care. Once you get there, you may want to get $2,000 to cover rent, bills, and bonds. Finally, you'll need to spend the money and at the end of the day that amount is entirely up to you!

* What about tipping?

Tipping is not mandatory in Britain, but it is increasingly becoming a part of the culture.

In restaurants, the usual amount of tip is about 10% for any place with table service, including pubs and bars (no tip if you order and pay). 15% for smarter restaurants.

In taxis, the usual amount of tip is 10%, or rounded up to the nearest pound.

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