Immigration to the UK for all nationalities


By January 1, Britain will begin to open the doors to immigration on a points system, as many countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand are doing.

The move is one of the repercussions of the Brexit deal, where for the first time EU citizens are on an equal footing with citizens of the rest. of the world in priority for a UK job opportunity; The automatic right to work for EU citizens will be withdrawn, and then job opportunities will be offered to all talents in the whole world to fill the expected shortfall as a result of this decision.

Conditions for a new immigrant visa to the United Kingdom with a points system.

Immigrants wishing to settle in the UK must score 70 points in the new immigration system, where English speaking gives 10 points, and approved employment contracts are given from a list of skilled jobs. 40 points.

Some undergraduate qualifications and diplomas add more points to the immigrant candidate, with a PhD awarding 10 points, while holders of certain disciplines such as a doctorate in science, technology, engineering or mathematics are awarded 20 points.

Likewise, vacancies are available in areas that are classified in the UK listings under the inability to work 20 points, and some jobs in the health and education sectors qualify for 20 points. Those who work in these jobs have a minimum wage of £20,480 per year.

Lists of occupational disabilities

The lists vary from country to country between Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but in general the major jobs that have lost the job include chemists in the nuclear industry, biologists, biochemists, physicists, geologists, engineering geologists, humanities, social and archaeological sciences.

The engineering sector includes the fields of civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, design and development engineering, production engineering, architecture, software and design. Web, communications, cybersecurity, engineering, and quality control professionals, as well as economists, statisticians, and graphic designers.

Technicians include welding and pipe welders with work experience of 3 years or more and cooks of all grades.

The health and education sector has a different list that includes all jobs for doctors, psychologists, radiologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, nurses, paramedics and veterinarians.

The education sector includes secondary teachers specializing in mathematics, physics, science, computer science, and social workers. Due to occupational deficits in these areas, owners receive 20 points by submitting a point system immigration application.

Registration fee for new immigration to the UK

The application fee depends on the number of years the job seeker expects to be in the UK and how rare the applicant's immigration skills are.

Fees range from £610 to £1408 per person, the new system also provides the ability to apply for a visa for job seekers, and pay an additional fee of £624 per person per year when submitting their application, and the applicant is entitled to a refund if they do not receive visa.

The immigration applicant must demonstrate their financial ability to live in the UK during the job search period, which is £1,270 in bank account prior to travel, and it is preferable to increase the time required for this. Search for a job.

How to register for a new immigration to the UK

The initial application process takes place online on the official UK government websites followed by a passport mailing process, but before applying for an immigrant visa, the applicant must obtain a UK job offer. An approved authority, the job offer allows him to get 40 points which will be a pause in the decision on his immigration application.

A job offer can be obtained either through direct searches of well-known job sites and online channels, or through officially licensed recruitment agencies in the UK, which receive their contributions from employers, not employers. Job seeker, until the completion of the initial procedures. followed by the payment of fees. On the official website of the British government.

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