list of in-demand occupations in canada 2021 canada noc list

list of in-demand occupations in canada 2021 canada noc list

 list of in-demand occupations in canada 2021 canada noc list

The list of jobs required in Canada 2020 includes hundreds of jobs, and these are 105 jobs on the list, and the rest of the jobs you can find in the link at the bottom of the list:

Senior managers and government officials

Senior managers in finance, communications and other business services

mechanical engineers

building inspectors

Information Systems Analysts and Consultants

Database Analysts and Data Managers

Web designers and developers

Electrical and electronics engineers

chemical engineers

engineering directors

Architecture and Science Managers

Computer and information systems managers

industrial engineers

Metal and materials engineers

Physicists and astronomers


Earth scientists and oceanographers

Meteorologists and climatologists


Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists

Civil Engineers

mining engineers

geological engineers

Petroleum Engineers

space engineers

Senior managers in commerce, broadcasting and other services

Senior managers in construction, transportation, production and facilities

HR Managers

Purchasing Managers

Administrative Services Managers

Managers of insurance, real estate and brokerage

Managers of Banks, Credit and Investments

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Managers

Business Services Managers

Communications company managers

Postal and courier service managers

Healthcare managers

Government managers in the field of health and social policy development and program management




Nutrition and nutrition experts

Audiologists and speech-language pathologists


Occupational therapists

Government managers in the field of economic analysis, policy development, and program management

School principals and principals of primary and secondary education

Managers of social, community and correctional services

commissioned police officers

Fire Chiefs and Senior Fire Officers

Managers of libraries, archives, museums and art galleries

Recreational, sports and fitness program managers

Corporate Sales Managers

Retail and wholesale managers

Restaurant and food service managers

Accommodation Service Managers

Customer Service and Personal Services Managers

Construction management workers

Home construction and renovation workers

Facilities Operation and Maintenance Managers

Transportation managers

Managers in natural resource production and fisheries

horticultural managers

Aquaculture Managers

Manufacturing Managers

Facility Managers

Auditors and accountants

Financial and investment analysts

Administrative Assistants

Medical administrative assistants

Court reporters and medical transcriptionists

HR Professionals

Supervisors, reporters, and information workers

Supervisors and mail and letter distribution personnel

Supervisors within supply chains, tracking and scheduling coordination occupations

administrative officers

Executive Assistants

HR and Recruitment Officers

property managers

Purchasing agents and officers

Purchasing and inventory control workers

Conference and event planners

Court officers and justices of the peace

Senior managers of health, education, social and community services and membership organizations


Employment insurance, immigration services, border service personnel and revenue officers

Records Management Technicians

Statistical officers in the field of research support

Insurance officers and claims examiners

reception staff

Supervisors, public servants, and administrative support workers

Supervisors and workers in financial and insurance offices

Personnel Clerks

court clerks

Data entry clerks

Desktop publishing operators

Interviews and Statistical Surveyors

Store keepers and their personnel

Logistic Production Coordinators

Securities Agents, Investment Dealers & Brokers

financial officers

Government managers in the field of education policy development and program management

Post-secondary education and vocational training officials

Software engineers and designers

Computer programmers and interactive media developer

How to find your profession and how to know the noc canada number for your profession or job

In order to know the noc canada number of the job you are working in, and skill level canada of your profession, you can visit this page

After entering that page, you can type the name of the job you are working in to search for it in the list of required professions in Canada 2021 noc list, and find out the noc number and its skill level.

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