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Marry chechen girls and obtain permanent residence



  Marry chechen girls and obtain permanent residenceMarrying 
Chechen girl and obtaining permanent residency

Marrying Chechen girls is much easier than marrying in Arab countries, as in Chechnya the complexity and routine are much less than in any Arab country, and marrying a Chechen girl does not cost much, unlike Arab countries where an expensive dowry is required and other conditions that are difficult to achieve.

 The Russian Federation is made up of a number of republics grouped into one entity called Russia, and the Chechnya Republic or in English is one of these republics located in the far south of Russia in the Caucasus region, so marrying a Chechen girl means marrying a Russian girl, so there is no big difference between them.

The official languages ​​of Chechnya are the Russian language and the Chechen language. About 60 ethnic groups live in the Republic of Chechnya. The population of Chechen origin constitutes the largest proportion of the population. Islam is the main religion in Chechnya. The population knew Islam during the Ottoman rule, and it is also spread among the population minorities. Other religions such as Orthodox Christianity.

If you intend to marry a Muslim Chechen girl, you must obtain two important documents that you do not travel without, namely:

  The certificate of celibacy

, which is taken from the Ministry of the Interior, Public Security, Souls, or the Family Department according to the Arab country you are from, even if you are divorced, widowed or single You must definitely take this certificate, because without it you will not be able to marry in Russia, as it is forbidden to marry the two wives. Of course, this certificate must be authenticated and attested in the concerned ministry and then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.

 Certificate of no criminal record

, which is called by different names according to the country. It is taken from the Ministry of Interior and does not need to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it is addressed to your country’s consulate in Moscow

The Chechnya visa is a Russian entry visa. Once you get it, you can move around in all the places belonging to Russia, including Chechnya. Here we advise you to take a visa valid for 3 months, as it is much better than a tourist visa valid for 1 month only, and a personal invitation can be made by the future wife and or To make a commercial invitation by one of the tourism companies or others, when you travel to Russia at the airport, you will be given a paper to register the place of residence and after you are received by the girl, you must, within 3 days, register your place of residence at the Russian Federal Migration Service.


Secondly, you have to translate your passport with a notary public and go with the two certificates that you previously worked in your country to the consulate of your country to obtain approval and ratification, and then take them to the Russian Foreign Ministry to ratify them and become legal forms acceptable in Russia.

Then you and your Chechen wife should set a date for marriage in Zacks or the place of the Quran contract, and you will need a celibacy certificate to complete the marriage contract. After you get married and get the marriage document, you will be eligible to apply for the 3-year temporary residence.

Obtaining temporary residence by marrying a Chechen girl

To obtain temporary residence after obtaining a marriage document, you must go to the Federal Migration Service, symbolized by the acronym in Russian УФМС, and you must have all the required papers, including a bank guarantee or security Your wife’s work and the attested non-conviction certificate, in addition to other things, including a health certificate that you will obtain from hospitals or health clinics, and of course you will be asked to translate your passport, residence registration paper and some known things such as personal photos and payment of residence work fees and others.


The waiting period varies from case to case. In some cases, it does not exceed two months and may extend to six months. In any case, you have to return to your country and your wife makes a special invitation for you and sends it to you, and you both can extract it while you are in Russia and take it yourself. To obtain the visa at the Russian Consulate in your country.

After the waiting period and obtaining a new visa and returning to Russia and obtaining approval from the Federal Migration and approval is usually sent to the address you gave them previously, and you have to go to the Migration Agency and visit the local police to make fingerprints and open a file for you in The police department, which is a routine procedure, and then they will put a stamp on your passport for the three-year temporary residence, and if you want to leave Russia, you must return to it after a period not exceeding 180 days, otherwise the residence will be considered void. And an important note you must every time you leave In Russia, you must obtain a leave and return permit from the Federal Migration Service before your travels, and you will not be able to leave Russia without this permission.


Obtaining permanent residence by marrying a Chechen girl

In order to obtain permanent residence, one year must have passed since you obtained temporary residence, and the conditions for obtaining it here are almost easier, as you must bring documents, all from within Russia, and include a document that you work or have a bank balance of at least 75,000 rubles or equivalent 2500 dollars, and if your wife works or has a balance in the bank, this is enough, and she must also approve your registration in her place of residence and that you also obtain a health certificate similar to what you extracted previously, a translation of your passport with the notary, personal photos, and pay the fees and It is 2,000 rubles at the bank in favor of the Migration Service, and the waiting period here is similar to temporary residence.

Obtaining citizenship by marrying a Chechen girl

In Russian law, a person married to a Russian citizen has the right to obtain temporary residence immediately after marriage, and permanent residence after one year after marriage. As for Russian citizenship, a person is entitled to obtain it after 3 years of marriage.

How to get acquainted with Chechen girls for marriage


There are many ways to get acquainted with Chechen girls, the most famous of which are through dating sites, dating sites, communication sites, or applications for learning foreign languages. Or your Chechen partner coming to your country and then getting married


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