The easiest Canadian provinces for immigration and permanent residence

The easiest Canadian provinces for immigration and permanent residence

The easiest Canadian provinces for immigration and permanent residence

Canada has more than 80 regional candidate programs available, and each program has its own unique requirements and conditions, but the common goal of all of these programs is to fill gaps and shortages in the country's workforce, which is why a list of the highest-demanding occupations in every Canadian province is published almost annually.

For most programmes, the applicant often needs work experience in his or her field, and the chances of acceptance increase significantly if he or she has work experience in the same province from which he is terrified of being nominated, if he studies at a university in the province or has a job contract to move and work there.

These are the easiest provinces to get Canadian permanent residency for 2021: 

Saskatchewan Province Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is renowned for being home to more than 100,000 different lakes and runs its own PNP regional candidate program under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee (SINP) program, which is also divided into the following categories:

International Skilled Worker Program: For eligible candidates through their Express Entry profile.
Saskatchewan Experience Program: For temporary residents living and working in the province.
Entrepreneur and Farm: To encourage investment and trade, anyone who wants to run any business or open a company in the province.
The easiest immigration and residency programme in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is the International Skilled Worker Programme. This program is designed for skilled workers from outside Canada to attract people with experience in the province's highest-demand occupations.

In order to be eligible to apply for this program, you should have at least a year's experience in your field and your work should be on the list of occupations required to work in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Fortunately, the list of required occupations in the province has recently been expanded, so there are higher opportunities for more occupations. The list of required occupations can be found on this website.

In addition to one year's work experience, candidates must have completed post-secondary education certificates for at least one year and have some english or French proficiency.

The International Skilled Worker program is primarily aimed at people from outside Canada, and is trained by two different programs, the first being the Saskatchewan Express Entry program, which requires the candidate to have an active Express Entry profile in order to apply for nomination by the province. Second, Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand stream, which does not require an Express Entry profile.

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