The United Kingdom Opens The Door To Immigration For All Nationalities

By January 1, Britain will begin opening the doors for immigration with the points system, following the example of several countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

This step is considered one of the repercussions of the Brexit agreement (Britain’s exit from the European Union), where for the first time European Union citizens are equal with citizens of the rest of the world in terms of priority for obtaining a job opportunity in the United Kingdom; The automatic right to work will be withdrawn for European Union citizens, and then job opportunities will be available for all talents from around the world to fill the expected deficit due to this decision.

Immigrants who wish to move to the United Kingdom are required to obtain 70 points in the new immigration system, where speaking English gives 10 points, and work contracts approved from the list of skilled labor jobs award 40 points.

Some qualifications and academic degrees add several points to the applicant for immigration, where a doctorate degree awards 10 points, while holders of some majors such as a doctorate in science, technology, engineering or mathematics get 20 points.

Likewise, job offers are available in the fields that are classified in the UK lists under the occupational disability clause of 20 points, and some jobs in the health sector and the education sector are entitled to 20 points, and the annual wage requirement of 25 thousand and 600 pounds sterling may be exceeded due to the deficit in these professions, to be accepted Those who hold these jobs have a minimum wage of £ 20,480 per year.

Occupational disability lists

Lists vary by country between Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but in general the primary deficit jobs include chemists in the nuclear industry, biologists, biochemists, physics, geology, engineering geologists, and humanities, social and archeology professionals.

The engineering sector includes the fields of civil engineering, mechanics, electricity, design and development engineering, production engineering, architecture, software, web design, communications, cybersecurity professionals, quality control engineering and planning, in addition to economists, statisticians and graphic designers.

Among the technicians there are technicians of welding and welding tubes with a working experience of 3 years or more, and chefs of all degrees.

The health sector and the education sector have a different list, which includes all positions of medical practitioners, psychologists, radiographers, physical therapists, speech therapists, nursing, paramedics and veterinarians.

The education sector includes secondary education teachers specializing in mathematics, physics, science, computer science, and social workers. Because of the professional deficit in those areas, the owners get 20 points while submitting the immigration application with the points system.

Application fee

The application fee depends on the number of years the job seeker plans in the UK, and the degree of scarcity of skills the applicant has for immigration.

The value of the fees ranges between 610 and 1408 pounds per person, and the new system also provides the opportunity to apply for a visa for job seekers, by paying an additional fee of 624 pounds per person annually when submitting their applications, and the applicant is entitled to recover his money if he does not obtain a visa .

The immigration applicant needs to prove the material ability to live in the United Kingdom during the job search period, which is estimated at £ 1270 in the bank account before travel, and it is preferable to increase the time required to search for work.

How to apply

The initial application process is done online through the official websites of the government in the United Kingdom, followed by the process of sending the passport, but before applying for an immigrant visa, the applicant needs to obtain a job offer from an approved authority, as the job offer enables him to get 40 points that will be a break in The decision on his immigration application.

A job offer can be obtained either by direct searches through well-known job sites and Internet channels, or through officially approved employment offices in the United Kingdom, which receive their dues from employers and not from a job seeker, until the initial procedures are completed, followed by payment of fees. Through the official UKgovernment website.

Job Search Link in Britain

Link to the British Immigration website:

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