The easiest country to give Schengen visa in the EU

The easiest country to give Schengen visa in the EU

 Why is the Hungary visa the easiest European visa


It is known that Hungary joined the European Union in May 2004 and became a member state of the Schengen area in 2007.

Therefore, every person wishing to travel to it has to obtain a Hungarian Schengen visa in order to be able to enter.

However, despite its accession to the European Union and the Schengen area, obtaining its visa is not difficult compared to other European countries such as Malta, France or Germany...

There are two things that made it easier for countries to grant a visa, and they are as follows 

Indulgence in the amount required in the bank statement 

Hungary's currency is the Hungarian forint, not the euro 

The Hungarian Forint is very weak compared to the Euro and even to most Arab currencies, as 

The weakness of the Hungarian currency is something in favor of visa applicants, especially when submitting a bank statement document 

As Hungary requires people wishing to obtain a visa to submit a statement to their bank account showing that they are able to spend 1,000 Hungarian Forints per day, which is equivalent to only 3.15 Euros per day 

3.15 euros per day is not a lot compared to other countries that require 80 to 90 euros per day 

Therefore, this is a small amount that a simple employee or worker can provide for a trip for a month, for example 

High acceptance rate for Hungary visa application:

According to the annual statistics provided by the European Commission, in 2017, 263,940 people applied for a Hungary visa 



And 249,399 people were able to obtain the visa.

This is a large number indicating that the Hungarian consular authorities around the world rejected only 5.34% of all visa applications.

This means that the possibility of obtaining a Hungary Schengen visa is high compared to other countries such as France, Belgium or the Netherlands...

Documents required to obtain Hungary visa 2019

Fill out the Hungary visa application form (it can be downloaded from  here )

A personal photo (35 x 40 mm) and must be recent, not more than 6 months old, and must have a white background.

The passport is valid for a period of no less than 3 months after the expiry of the visa period. It must contain at least two blank pages;

Copies of previous entry visas if the person has traveled to another country;

Travel health insurance valid for the length of travel until return;

A letter explaining the purpose of your travel and detailing what you intend to do (itinerary)

Round-trip flight ticket booking  

Reservation of a hotel  or submission of  a letter of invitation  by a person residing in Hungary;

Marriage contract ,  children's birth certificate if the person is married

Physical evidence showing the ability to afford travel expenses, which we mentioned earlier through  a bank account statement  showing the person's ability to spend 3.15 euros per day.

Pay the visa fee

Note:  For Hungarian visa fees, payment must be made in local currency and payment must be made obligatory by bank cards.

 For workers and employees

employment contract or employment contract;

No objection certificate from the employer  or a letter from the employer

  last monthly salary statements

Bank account statement for the last 3 months (current account + savings account, if any);

Proof of CNSS Social Security

Income withholding tax (ITR) certificate;

 For the self-contractor  

Statement of project or investment account for the last 6 months;

A copy of the business or project license;

Income Tax ITR.

 For retirees:

Proof of financial ability to spend the length of the trip.

Proof of pension for the last 6 months;

Or a letter of sponsorship from a person who financially sponsors them.

So these are the documents required in the Hungary visa file,

But you must pay attention to a very important thing, which is that presenting these documents does not mean a 100% guarantee of obtaining a visa, and that the consular staff may ask you for other supporting documents, so you must be prepared for any emergency.

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