Learn about the required occupations in Canada and the salary of each profession in dollars

Learn about the required occupations in Canada and the salary of each profession in dollars

 Today, we will show you the top 10 most in-demand professions in Canada with good salaries  

The topic of the most in-demand professions in Canada was prepared by the Canadian authorities on their official account on the LinkdIn website, in which they listed the most important professions required in the Canadian labor market 

As well as the skills and qualifications required for those wishing to immigrate to Canada, the most sought-after destination for Arab and foreign immigrants.

The website also relied on the classification of these professions on the data of approximately 11 million workers within the Canadian territory  

Here are the top 10 most important professions in Canada, in order

The profession of a verbs analyst

Annual salary: $91,000

nursing professions

Annual salary: $73,500

sales manager profession

Annual salary: $77,800

financial analyst career

Annual salary: $64,000 USD

Chartered accountant profession

Annual salary: $7,000

pharmacy professions

Annual salary: $100,000

sales representative profession

Annual salary: $49,100

Profession of business modernization manager

Annual salary: $77,000

Project manager profession

Annual salary: $84,000

Marketing manager career

Annual salary: $73,500

Professions required in Canada during the current year 

Web Developer   

Web developers work in various organizations from small and medium businesses to large corporations and government. A web developer works in application development or programming.

Average salary: $69,305

Related professions: web designer, webmaster, search engine optimization (SEO) specialist

Human resources managers

Human resource managers are responsible for recruiting the right talent in the Canadian job market.

Average salary: $89.003

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers play an important role in the modern economy. Electrical engineers design, analyze, specify, build and test electrical systems and components, as well as ensure that they operate safely

Average salary: $91,832

Related Occupations: Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Veterinarians / Veterinarians

Canadians love pets and many own different types of them, ranging from cats, dogs, and other pets. However, the number of veterinarians in Canada is limited which has made veterinary medicine one of the most sought-after professions in Canada for several years.

Average salary: $95,804

Human Resources and Recruitment Officers

Business growth coincides with a relative increase in the demand for suitable people for vacant positions. Recruiters play a major role in fulfilling the endless demand in Canada for candidates to fill available job opportunities. In professional fields such as engineering and technology, the demand for recruiters is very high.

A recruiter trying to build a career path in Canada is required to have a bachelor's degree in a field such as human relations. He can improve his chances by registering as a professional member of the Professional Employment Association of Canada (APRC).

Average salary: $65,292

Related Professions: HR Specialist

Financial advisors

Financial advisors advise individuals and families on how to manage their money. Financial advisors who work in banks also promote the financial institution's products and services.

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