Traveling to Italy immigration terms 2022

Traveling to Italy is desired by many young men and women from the Arab world who want to reach and get a Schengen visa for Italy, but what faces a desire to migrate to Italy is the lack of knowledge of the conditions for immigration to Italy, especially people coming from the Maghreb, because the geography of Italy is close to the population of North Africa in addition to The language of the latter is simple to learn compared to other European languages. On the other hand, the Italian law on immigration is very easy, unlike other countries.

In this article, we will talk about everything related to traveling to Italy, from immigration to Italy to
Conditions for immigration to Italy, each one separately, so that your vision of Schengen Visa Italy is crystal clear.

1_ Traveling to Italy through a Tourist Visa:

Traveling to Italy by immigration from tourism is considered one of the best things that can be followed to migrate to the country Italy, due to several things that the foreigner enters into Italian soil as permitted in accordance with the law and avoids any case of risking your life, but this path requires expensive financial sums for something You can even manage your affairs, transportation, and hotel reservations after your arrival in Italy. As for the Schengen Visa Italy period of three months at the most, the traveler is free to travel in all the Schengen area away from any restrictions, and the immigrant in this position can search for a job and from that he can live and settle in Italy after the departure of your tourism period so that you can Obtaining residence papers.

Here we tell you, dear friends, that Italian procedures do not start with the repatriation of expired immigrants or illegal immigrants, in the event that they did not commit crimes or violations outside the framework of the law, but they do not take advantage of the rights and privileges enjoyed by legal immigrants.

2_Travel to Italy by the study:

The study is considered one of the most important conditions for immigration to Italy and a very guaranteed way to join this land spot from Europe because it is an inexpensive cost compared to other countries from the Schengen area, as well as it is possible for everyone to several things, most notably the simple language as we mentioned earlier.


3_ Conditions of immigration to Italy through a special contract for a job

Working with a contract is one of the possible conditions in Italy due to the availability of business in a large and legal way that allows the concerned person to enter the state of Italy legally, given that he found a job in a company that is under a private or official sector, and work contracts you can obtain starting from their purchase and the value of their price varies according to the form of work that The immigrant will work in it, and therefore, having an amount of money will enable many who wish to travel to Italy to reach their desired goal.

4_Traveling to Italy by illegal immigration:

The first thing that you need to know is that this migration is uncomfortable and not guaranteed results, as you can lose your life while you are trying to reach drowning, but we realize that most migrants do not find a way to this means to escape the specter of poverty and unemployment, and this is due mainly to the fact that it is not expensive The price is inexpensive financially and does not require complicated things, this is if we exclude adventure by oneself and this is the biggest problem that many do not realize, but in general those who are able to reach Italy, they are treated in a very humane way and often they are helped to find a job and are displaced to other Schengen countries And according to the agreements signed between these countries

5_ Traveling to Italy by Asylum:

Given that Italy simplifies the rulers with the secret immigrants who come to it and does not return them to their countries of origin, then why do you wish to obtain asylum? If you are your country among the countries that suffer from turmoil, wars, insecurity and stability, then you have to try to reach the soil of Italy, and it does not matter how you arrived (tourist visa, secret immigration, etc. …) It is sufficient for you only to reach your feet the land of this country, and then you must To apply for humanitarian asylum in one of the government centers designated for this purpose or in police stations, and to give evidence and proof that you already belong to these countries, and your request will be placed within the priorities of humanitarian asylum, this asylum will provide you with great privileges, such as free education as well as health and housing, and benefit Finally, a monthly grant until you get a job

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