Explain immigration to Canada through Express Entry


A comprehensive explanation of the Express Entry program for immigration to Canada

In this article, I would like to write about my experience applying for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry system within the federal skilled worker program.
First of all, I would like to draw attention to the following points:

All the information contained in the article was taken from the official website of Canadian immigration, which is the main source that I relied on for my submission. Of course, I searched on other sites for some things and the experiences of other people to elaborate only. At least, the site is very, very large and contains a huge amount of information before, during and after immigration, and it always contains the latest information and laws related to immigration and its amendments.

There is no need for any lawyer or immigration consultant to apply, anyone can easily submit himself assuming that he can read English and has enough time to prepare and study each step in detail to ensure that no mistakes occur and some simple computer skills as almost everything is done (on line). Of course, an immigration consultant can be used for those who do not have the time or for more assistance with the rest of the immigration programs
I will write what I see no matter what and what happened to me (my personal experience), and please dear brothers know that there are many immigration programs and everything in this article is about the category of skilled labor migration through the express entry program: Federal skilled worker via express entry.
This route may be a good alternative to asylum, since sponsorships are now closed, especially for educated people with more than 3 years of work experience.

I will list the steps in chronological order with the appropriate links from the site and the estimated duration of each step. In the beginning, every person who wants to come to Canada must determine whether he is eligible for this, meaning whether he has the conditions required to apply, what are the conditions, how points are calculated and applicants are selected. Below are links to previous ideas from the Canadian government website, followed by a detailed explanation of the conditions And what needs to be done:

1- Determine if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada
2- Who can apply via Express entry, federal skilled worker
3- Points system and how to calculate it:
4- Calculate your score roughly:

Now, after spending several weeks or months studying all the previous links in detail, you found yourself suitable for immigration and you have an opportunity to be accepted, and you decided to start the practical steps necessary to open an account with the Express entry system, and in order to open the file, you compulsorily need two important documents very they are:

* Language Proficiency Certificate (English, French, or both)
* The second document is the educational credential assessment report.

In addition, at this stage, you must determine what is the classification of your profession according to Canadian standards. The following is an explanation of the above:
5- The English or French exam or both: I will only talk about the English language because I do not know French, you need to open a file with the express entry program IELTS general training, not the academic, the minimum admission is 6, but this mark is low and practically It doesn't earn you points properly

It only enables you to open the file, but often it is not enough to raise the points to the minimum in order to be invited to apply for immigration. The ideal score is three sevens in each skill with 8 with listening skill (or higher of course), because language is the most important factor in raising points and it can be checked This is by calculating the points and entering different IELTS scores each time and seeing the huge difference that high scores make. You can take the exam and open the file for it, and then re-exam to raise the marks and update your file to earn points (I repeated the exam three times),

Of course, it is better for the person (the main applicant) and his partner (husband or wife) to take the exam together. This also raises the points. If there is knowledge of French, it is also better to take the exam in the French language, as this also raises the points (for both partners as well).

As for the time, this varies according to each person and his level of English or French (months to years), the language is the most important factor in raising points, so it is very necessary to pay attention to it, and as I said, I took the IELTS test three times and so did my wife (3 times) until we were able to raise tags.

The IELTS test is booked online, and it costs 205 USD. It can be done in Beirut (for Syrians). The exam can be repeated until the required mark is obtained.

6- Educational credential assessment report: This is a mandatory step to open the file if your educational certificates are from any country outside Canada. Equalizing the certificates and paying the necessary fees to obtain the report. In general, most certificates are evaluated through a well-known body, WES, except for medical certificates (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy) that have their own bodies. Correspondence details and required papers can be found on the website of each body. It includes pictures of certificates and their translation with the transcript and translation of marks and other documents. According to the certificate, these documents must be sent in a sealed envelope from the university directly to the commission and the report fees should be paid via a credit card. This step is very important and needs at least two to three months, so it is important to start it as soon as possible.

This stage took me less than two months for me and my wife, knowing that our degrees are from Damascus University.
Evaluation body website: https://www.wes.org/ca/eca/
For medical degrees or if your profession or certification requires a body other than WES, see

Important notes:

It is better for the spouses to take a language test, as this will raise the points.

Knowledge of both languages ​​(English and French) increases points, but this must be proven by the exams required for each language.

· It is also better for the spouses to conduct an evaluation of the certificates, as this raises the points as well.

The certificates that are evaluated are the certificates issued by official educational bodies that can be communicated (universities, colleges, intermediate institutes or ministries of education and higher education),

Professional and craft certificates, on-line certificates, and courses or training courses are not evaluated.
The higher the certificate, the more points you get.

Evaluate all your certificates in case you have more than one certificate (for example: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)

As for education points, they differ according to the certificate and level of education, and as examples only: the secondary certificate gives 28 points, the certificate of human medicine, dentistry or pharmacy gives 126 points, (for the main applicant, of course). You can know each certificate and how many points it gives you through a table Available at the following link (link):

The certificate has nothing to do with work: you may have studied a specific thing and work in a completely different field: there is no problem at all.

To know what is the classification of your profession according to Canadian standards, you must enter the following website and compare the tasks and job duties in detail in order to choose the most appropriate title for your work, and this is important because if you are invited to apply, you must prove these tasks through the experience certificate (from your workplace or job) and in case of mismatch The file will be rejected. For example: Assuming that you chose the profession as a financial manager, you must later bring an experience certificate that proves that you are a financial manager in which it is written what you do as a financial manager in accordance with the tasks and functions required of the financial manager according to Canadian standards (not Arab standards), and this is very important.

To find out what is the classification of your profession according to Canadian standards (National Occupational Classification NOC):

And for example: the financial manager: 0111, the general practitioner or family doctor 3112, the specialist doctor 3111, and so on.....
Now, assuming that you took the language test and submitted and obtained the evaluation report, which are two basic steps (taken together at the same time), you are ready to open the Express Entry file, EE for short:
7- In order to open the EE file, you must create an account on the Canadian immigration website, which is free and can be created easily via this link. Here, choose the second option, i.e. Continue to GCKey

After creating the account, you start by opening the EE file and entering your data and information in detail: name, age, passport number and validity, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, number of family members, the financial amount that you will bring with you to Canada (I will explain this point later) , your education level, certificates and certificate evaluation report number, your language level and marks in the language test with the exam number and date, your address and email, your occupation classification according to NOC, number of years of experience and job title, do you have relatives in Canada and do you have a work contract in Canada and Have you been nominated by any Canadian province for immigration? Of course, all the previous information is required in detail for the main applicant and the partner (for the partner, education and language are a supportive thing that raises points, but it is not mandatory).

Notes :

Opening an EE file is completely electronic, and it is free. Basic information is entered to determine your total points, and you have 60 days to finish the file completely after starting to open it. The system then calculates your total points electronically according to the information you entered and here you have completed half the way.
You can fill in the previous information on several periods and not at the same time (the time limit to complete the file is 60 days as I mentioned)

The file can be updated after opening it, for example, if you obtained higher marks in the language test (IELTS), or if you learned the French language and took its test.

For the required amount:

If you have reached this stage, it is assumed that you know that one of the immigration conditions is to be able to support your family for a full year after your arrival in Canada, and the Canadian government requires that the applicant prove the availability of a cash amount according to the number of family members. Proof is by submitting an account statement from the bank or a bank statement that contains an amount higher than the minimum required by the Canadian government, the minimum changes every period, so you should always refer to the official website for accuracy. The minimum for a single person is 12,960 Canadian dollars, and for a family of 4 people it is 24,083 Canadian dollars. At the stage of opening the EE file, an account statement is not required. It is sufficient to put an amount higher than the required minimum, but if you are invited to apply, you must prove the existence of the amount by bringing the necessary documents from the bank.

Regarding the amount requested in detail and how to prove it: https://www.canada.ca/.../eligibility/proof-funds.html

Regarding points: the total points are 1200 points, including 600 points for nomination to the provinces or obtaining a work contract in Canada. As for the rest of the 600 points, they understand the rest of the factors we mentioned earlier: age, education, language, relatives in Canada, work experience.
Obtaining a work contract in Canada is almost impossible while you are outside Canada, so do not try to obtain it, as it is a waste of time.
Obtaining the provincial nomination is possible and it is not impossible, but I do not have experience with it because it simply did not require me, in case you want to get more information about the canton nomination:

Now, after opening and submitting the EE file, the system will calculate your points, and you can view them in detail within your account.

At this stage, you will be among the people who can be invited to apply for immigration (pool of candidates). Invitations are made on the basis of points total, that is, people with higher points are invited. Approximately every two weeks about 3000 people are invited to apply and the total points required varies each time. But so far it has not been less than 415 points (out of 1200), and if we assume, for example, that the spouses are educated (4 years or more) and their IELTS scores are between (6 and 7) and they have work experience of 3 years or more, the total will be Their points are approximately between 300 and 400 points out of 1200. This total is good, but so far it is not enough for you to receive an invitation to apply for immigration, or what is known as invitation to apply.

I spent at this stage more than a year following the invitations and the required total of points, and I hope that it decreases in order to be invited, as my total at that time was 385 points. After I lost hope of decreasing the minimum required points, I decided to work on raising my total. In order to raise your points, you can do the following:

Obtaining a work contract in Canada (600 points): almost impossible due to very, very difficult conditions.
Follow up on the cantonal nomination programs and obtain a nomination from one of them (600) points: difficult, but not impossible.
· Get ​​a better level in the English language test (IELTS).
· Learn the French language to take its points.

Among the previous things, the easiest and fastest was to improve the level of the English language, so my wife and I re-examed (IELTS) three times with study each time until God granted us success. Our total is from 385 to 448, and within two weeks we received the invitation to apply, or the so-called ITA: invitation to apply

Final tips:

· Please be careful and accurate with all information entered and mentioned in the EE file. Every information mentioned must be proven later by documents.

Not to mention false information or (falsify) information, testimonials, or anything else.
Until the ITA stage, you do not have to pay any amount to the Canadian government, the costs so far are the costs of language exams, assessment of certificates and translation of papers and documents.

The most important place to get information and get advice is the official Canadian immigration website https://www.canada.ca/.../services/immigrate-canada.html
There are some forums and Facebook and YouTube pages that provide information on immigration to Canada. You can find them for more personal experiences, but the main one is the official immigration website.
Starting to evaluate certificates and language exams: they are the most important and difficult two steps and the most time-consuming, and without them you cannot open the EE file.

The issue of immigration requires time and patience, but it is not impossible. It mainly requires excellent language and reading a lot of information on the subject (again from the official immigration website).

· I will try to answer all questions within my personal knowledge and experience and what my time permits. I ask everyone to research and investigate any point or question to avoid any false information.

I will write about the post-ITA phase in a second article, detailing the required papers and documents, the medical examination, how to upload documents, and the completion of obtaining a passport application to place a visa and travel to Canada.
good luck for everbody
Kinan Barhoum
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