Immigration to Sweden by marriage

Immigration to Sweden by marriage

Girls in Sweden are only looking for young men who appreciate them and do not look for dowry and costs, and although Sweden is a country rich in its various resources, there is a great shortage in the number of young men and an increase in the number of females. Therefore, marrying a Swedish girl is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Sweden. 

Marriage inside or outside Sweden 

Before the marriage contract in Sweden, your Swedish wife must submit an application to the Swedish Tax Agency to be free of impediments to marriage, and she can marry you even if she is not residing in Sweden.

When the marriage certificate is issued, the Tax Authority will send it a certificate of free marriage attached to a marriage certificate, after which you must submit these two documents to the authorized person. 

The marriage contract in Sweden  

The marriage contract in Sweden can be done in a religious institution through a legal authorized to be a religious marriage, or through an authorized person entrusted by the governorate administration to conclude a civil marriage marriage. Contact the concerned religious institution to obtain more information about religious marriage. A civil marriage can also be booked with the municipal council.

The newlyweds, after their marriage contract, obtain what is called a marriage certificate by the marriage official as a wedding anniversary.

The marriage contract outside Sweden  

You can marry your Swedish partner outside the Kingdom of Sweden, either through a Swedish authority or a foreign authority. After your marriage contract outside Sweden, you must submit a certificate to the Tax Authority proving that the marriage took place. If the Tax Authority finds that the marriage is legal in Sweden, it is then registered in the registry souls.

Marriage through a Swedish authorities 

If you want to marry your partner through one of the Swedish authorities located outside Sweden, then you must visit the Swedish embassy or consulate located in your country or the country in which you reside.

How to submit a marriage application online

 The husband who wants to join his Swedish wife must be 18 or over

He must be able to pay the application fee with a Visa or MasterCard debit card

Copies of the required documents must be made

The passport must be valid for at least 3 months

The person must have sufficient expenses for me to carry out these procedures.

Best dating site for girls from Sweden 

 This is a list of the most important of these sites 
These sites we mentioned above are not limited to Swedish youth only, they are used all over the world, especially the European Union countries

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