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Immigration to France through marriage. From the dating and marriage site from France

Immigration to France through marriage .. from the site of dating and marriage from France

Immigration to France through marriage is one of the fastest ways to immigrate to France, but few participated in spoiling the form of that method.

That certificate is the backbone of marriage, and without a certificate of ability or reluctance to marry from France, it is not possible to immigrate to France through marriage.

This certificate is issued based on a declaration that is placed in the place of the French partner’s municipality to consider the existence of any impediments to marriage, such as the existence of an unfinished marriage to another individual during the existing marriage and the like.

After this, the acceptance certificate is obtained, and it is sent to the French embassy in the country of the non-French partner.

After the French Consulate accepts the certificate, the Consulate sends the certificate to the French partner at his address in France.

Here, it remains only to complete the consular procedures with the foreign partner in order to obtain a visa and residence in the State of France by marrying the French partner.

The French Consulate may request any other documents such as birth certificates or the like, but these are the most important documents.

Note that the required documents may not be the same from one nationality to another, according to the nationality of the individual who wants to marry a French citizen.

In addition to this, any document in a language other than French must be translated into French before being submitted to the consulate.


Residence in France by marriage

Here, an interview took place at the French Consulate to discuss the procedures for the French partner's travel to France 

In that situation, the non-French partner can travel to France and celebrate the marriage in France with his partner 

Work in France by husband

After obtaining a France visa, you can complete the procedures for the wedding ceremony in France, and after that you can work in France legally.

Work after marriage to France is one of the issues that need to be carefully considered and carefully considered, because French citizenship is not given to someone who does not work, and not getting a job in France means dependence.


√ Residence in France through marriage

Obtaining French citizenship by marrying a French woman or a French woman

French nationality can be obtained through marriage after 4 years of marriage, provided that the marriage to the French partner continues during the 4-year period.

It is also required that the French husband still legally hold the French passport during the naturalization of his non-French spouse.

With regard to the non-French spouse, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of the French language, and to be able to speak and understand the French language well.

The conditions for obtaining a French passport through marriage are not limited to this, except that these are the basic items only, and in the coming texts we will stop with that matter in detail.


White marriage in France

One of the things that revolves around the CCM certificate, or the certificate of ability to marry, is the serious search for a French partner.

Thus, the French police can search for previous marriages of the French partner, and whether there were previous marriages of travelers to the same individual.

Therefore, a comprehensive research is conducted on the marriage process, because the majority of those who think of emigrating to France through marriage aim only at emigration and nationality, not marriage.

And this certainly happens within the scope of white marriage in France, and therefore the French government rejects that marriage.

And in the French consulate, the certainty of that marriage is strongly confirmed by the questions put to the non-French partner.

Data collected on the French partner by the French security forces is also referred to.

And if the marriage took place outside the state of France with regard to the two partners, the interview takes place with the two partners, and an effort is made to find out the sincerity and purpose of the two parties from the marriage.


Dating and marriage site from France

Do not go far, you can get a French wife or a French husband through the dating and marriage site from France:

Dating and marriage site from France

Provided that you are serious about acquaintance and marriage, and not in order to immigrate to France 

The most famous French dating and marriage sites Find the partner of your dreams

The first site: eliterencontre   to meet and find a local partner in France

The second site: jecontacte marriage site in france free

This site is also one of the important sites that includes many women for acquaintance and later engagement. If some characteristics that are compatible with you are found on that site, you can talk to those who look like you in order to find your life partner and also the age group that you want to get to know. , which may reach seventy years, depending on your interests, and this site is generally distinguished by the fact that it includes a large number of women over the age of 40, as it provides many opportunities for dating in France.

The third location: locations of an Islamic marriage site in France

Many Muslims are always looking for people that are compatible with their Islamic beliefs, so this site is considered the platform to get to know among Muslim people in France in order to find your life partner, which is compatible with it in the same qualities as it displays the place of your interests in choosing women of age And her marital status, in addition to the interests that she may also find interesting in you by reconciling all these interests in order to talk and chat until the interview and perhaps marriage later.


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