What is Canada's express access system?

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 The Canadian Express Entry System has been making great strides and bringing in numbers since the day it was launched (1st January of 2015). Canada is a predominantly French-speaking North-American country which focuses on the country’s economic development and the welfare of the people. The country has been on the lookout for professionals and skilled people to help contribute to the growth of the Canadian Economy, eventually leading to the existence of Canada Express Entry System.

What is Canada Express Entry System?

One important highlight of the Canadian Immigration System is, Canada takes in people who have the potential skills to contribute to the economy along with their family which makes it one of the best immigration option for people around the globe.

The IRCC has come up with a new way of processing the applications that comes under Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Canada Express Entry System allows an individual who possess high skills & work experience to migrate through a fast-track immigration system. You could expect your application to be processed under 6 months when applied through the Canada Express Entry System.

How Does This Work?

1.Information Gathering: –

Migrating under the Canada Express Entry System requires you to fill our online assessment form by which we get to know under what category you might be eligible to migrate to Canada. Once we have found that you are a candidate who is efficient enough to contribute to the growth of the Canadian Economy, we will get back to you explaining the further procedures. (In case you are not eligible, we will guide & assist you with possible alternatives).

2.Profile Creation: –

Once we are done with collecting information and taking a wise decision as to which category you will be eligible to migrate under, we start collecting your documents which also includes your Educational Credential Assessment Report. When all the necessary documents have been collected, a profile is created in the Express Entry Pool through which you get your Invitation to Apply (ITA). The time duration of obtaining an Invitation to Apply depends on several factors like how well you score, the CRS cut-off for that particular intake & more., Scoring a high CRS score might be a lot beneficial for you when it comes to the application filtering process.

3.Visa Submission: –

On receiving the Invitation to Apply, you will be given exactly 90 days to apply for Visa processing. Remember that you should apply before the 90th day comes to an end. An additional document attachment like Police Clearance Certificate, Medical Clearance Certificate should be submitted in the due course. You might also have to attend an interview in case there is a need.

4.The Final Process: –

Once you get your visa, check for the dates from when you are eligible to migrate and other necessary information regarding your immigration will be provided along. Not to worry, we take care of everything including you pre and post-departure services and explain how things work behind.

On What Factors Will You Be Assessed?

When migrating to Canada under the Express Entry System or any other system, you will be assessed on the following factors:

Education: You will get a maximum of 25 points for education if you have attained the maximum level of qualification (Ph.D.)

Language: You will be awarded a maximum of 24 points if you are proficient in both the official languages of Canada.

Experience: A maximum of 15 points can be gained if you have a considerable work experience either part-time or full-time.

Age: You can gain a maximum of 12 points depending on your age.

Employment: If you already have an employment offer in your hand, you will be eligible to get a maximum of 10 points.

Adaptability: You can gain a maximum of 10 points depending upon your Spouse’s education, relatives residing in Canada and previous work experience in Canada will be considered.

The Canada Express Entry System takes in a lot of immigrants and the count gets increased every single year. In fact, the Canadian government is looking forward to bring in 1 million immigrants in the upcoming years to contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy.

Migrate with us to Canada through the Express Entry System by contacting us to get a free eligibility check!


Peace and mercy of God

In this article, I would like to talk about my experience applying for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry system within the federal skilled worker program  . First of all, I would like to draw attention to the following points:

* All the information in this article was taken from the official website of Canadian immigration and translated into Arabic, which is the source that was approved for submission , of course, other sites were taken advantage of, in addition to the experiences of successful people. Of course, everyone interested in immigrating to Canada should browse the official website every hour or two at least. The site is large and contains a huge amount of information regarding immigration to Canada, and it contains the latest information and laws related to immigration and their amendments.

* It is not necessary to consult an immigration lawyer in order to apply , this means do not give money for advice, it does not work. It is possible to apply easily and without any help from another person, all he needs is the ability to read English to ensure that there are no spelling errors when applying, and for those who do not have the time, they can use a consultant and pay a small amount for the service.

* I will write what I see no matter what and what happened to me (my personal experience), and please dear brothers know that there are many immigration programs and everything in this article is about the category of immigration of employees who have experience through the  federal skilled worker via express entry. 

*  Of course, this method will be a good alternative to asylum, since sponsorship is currently closed , especially for educated people who have more than 3 years of work experience.

* The steps will be mentioned in chronological order with the addition of links from the official website and the estimated period for each step . First, everyone who wants to immigrate to Canada must determine whether he is eligible. This means that immigration to Canada requires conditions, but it deserves these conditions. The applicant for immigration to Canada must ask himself whether he is eligible, meaning does he have the conditions required to apply? And what are these conditions? How are points calculated and applicants selected?

Here are links to previous ideas from the Canadian government website, followed by a detailed explanation of the conditions and what to do to immigrate to Canada: 

Do you want to live permanently in Canada and work in a skilled job? 

 1 - Determine if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada: Answer a few questions to see if you can apply under Express Entry.

Official website link:


Eligibility to Apply as a Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry)

2- Who can apply via Express entry, federal skilled worker

This program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Official website link:


Comprehensive Ranking System Criteria (CRS - Express Entry)

3- Points system and how to calculate it:

Note If your spouse or partner will not come with you to Canada, or if they are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you will earn points as if you did not have a spouse or partner.

Official website link:


Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Tool: Skilled Immigrants (Express Entry)

4- You can roughly calculate your points:

This tool will help you calculate your Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) score based on the answers you provide below. CRS is a points-based system that we use to evaluate, register, and rank your profile in the Express Entry pool. It is used to evaluate:

Official website link:


Now, after spending several weeks or months studying all the previous links, you found yourself suitable for immigration and you have an opportunity to be accepted, and you decided to start with the practical steps necessary to open an account with the Express entry system, and in order to open the file, you compulsorily need two very important documents:

*  The  first  document is:  You must obtain a language proficiency certificate (English or French or both).

* The second document is: Academic credential assessment report.

In addition, at this point, according to Canadian standards, you must determine what your occupation is classified as. Here is a detailed explanation of the above: 

 IELTS placement test for English, French, or both.

5- I will only talk about the English language. You have to open a file with the express entry program, IELTS certificate ( general training ), not the academy.

The minimum score for admission is 6, but this score is low and practically does not earn you points as required. It only enables you to open the file, but it often does not suffice to raise the points to the minimum in order to be invited to apply for immigration. The ideal mark is three sevens in each skill with an eight in listening skill (or higher of course) because language is the most important factor in raising points and this can be confirmed by calculating the points with the introduction of different IELTS marks each time and seeing the huge difference that the high marks make. You can take the exam, open the file for it, and then repeat the exam to raise the marks and update your file to earn points (I repeated the exam three times).

Of course, it is better for the person (the main applicant) and his partner (husband or wife) to take the exam together. This also raises the points. If there is knowledge of French, it is also better to take the exam for the French language, as this also raises the points (for both partners as well).

Test to determine the level of IELTS (  the IELTS   ) are booked on the Internet of $ 205 instructed to , you can make test IELTS in the city which bring you closer and where there are test center. You can also repeat the test whenever you want until you get the required mark.

Educational credential assessment report: 

6- This is a mandatory step to open the file if your academic degrees are from any country outside Canada, and in order to obtain this report, you must specify the name of your profession in accordance with Canadian Standards (NOC) and then write to the special certification body and pay the necessary fees to obtain the report . In general, most degrees are evaluated by a well-known body, WES, with the exception of medical degrees (medicine, dentistry, and engineering). According to the certificate, these documents must be sent in a sealed envelope from the university directly to the authority, and the report fee must be paid by credit card. This step is very important and takes at least 2-3 months, so it is important to start as soon as possible.

Evaluation body website:  https://www.wes.org/ca/eca/

For medical degrees or if your profession or certification requires a body other than WES, see


Very important notes:

It is better for the spouses to take the language test because it increases the points.

Knowledge of both languages ​​(English and French) increases points after proving this with the required exams for each language.

· Also, it is better for the spouses to conduct an evaluation of the certificates, as this increases the points as well.

The certificates that are evaluated are the certificates issued by official educational bodies that can be communicated, and professional and craft certificates, online certificates, courses or training courses are not evaluated.

The higher your certificates, the more points you will get.

Evaluate all your certificates if you have more than one.

As for the education points, they differ according to the certificate

With the following link:  https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/eligibility/criteria-comprehensive-ranking-system/grid.html

· There is no relationship certificate work:  Maybe I studied a particular area and working a completely different field, no problem you'll never evaluate whatever certificate and later proven work experience whatever.

To find out what is the classification of your profession according to Canadian standards, you must enter the official website below and then compare the tasks and job duties in detail in order to choose the most appropriate title for your work, and this is very important because if you are invited to apply, you must prove these tasks through an experience certificate (from your workplace) The file will be rejected in case of a mismatch. For example : suppose you chose the profession as a commercial manager, you must later bring an experience certificate proving that you are a commercial manager, according to Canadian standards (not your country's standards).

To find out what is the classification of your profession according to Canadian standards (National Occupational Classification NOC):


How to open  an account on the official Canadian immigration website for free  to open an EE file.

7- To open the EE file, you must create an account on the Canadian immigration website for free and it can be opened easily via this link and here choose the second option, i.e. Continue to GCKey


After that, start opening the EE file and entering your data and information in detail.

Important Notes :

The EE file is opened electronically and for free, in which basic information is entered to determine your total score.

. You have two months to finish the file completely after you start opening it. Then the system calculates all your points according to the information you entered and here you have completed half the way to immigrate to Canada.

You can fill in the previous information gradually over several periods and not at the same time (you have 60 days to complete the file as you mentioned)

The file can be re-updated after opening it, for example if you get higher scores on the language test ( IELTS )

· For the physical amount required:  When you arrive to this stage , you should know that the terms of immigration to Canada is to be able to support your family for one year after arrival to Canada, and the Canadian government require that the applicant proof provided by the amount by the number of family members. 

 - How is this proof?

Proof is by submitting an account statement from the bank with an amount higher than the minimum required by the Canadian government, the minimum changes every period, to know the minimum, you must always refer to the official website. Often the minimum for a single person is 12,960 Canadian dollars, and for a family of 4 people, it is 24,083 Canadian dollars.

It is not necessary to state the bank account at the stage of opening the EE file, it is sufficient to declare an amount higher than the minimum, but when you are invited to apply, you must prove the existence of the amount by bringing the necessary documents from the bank.

To view the required amount in detail and how to prove it:  https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/documents/proof-funds.html

A. As for calculating points for immigration to Canada: The total number of points is 1200 points, including 600 points for the candidacy of the provinces or obtaining a work contract in Canada . As for the rest of the 600 points, they are based on the rest of the factors we mentioned earlier: age, education, language, relatives in Canada and work experience.

You can get a county nomination, which is not impossible, if you need more information about county nomination:  https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/provincial-nominees.html

So, after completing the stages of opening and submitting the EE file, the system will calculate your points and you can review them in detail when entering your account.

At this stage, you will be among the people who can be invited to apply for immigration to Canada (pool of candidates). Invitations will be made by calculating the total points, meaning that people with higher points will be invited. Roughly, every two weeks about 3,000 immigrants are invited to apply.

I (the experimenter) spent more than a year in this stage, following the invitations and the required total of points, and I hope that it will decrease in order to be invited, as my total at the time was 385 points. After I lost hope of decreasing the minimum required points, I decided to work on raising my total, and in order to raise your points, you can do the following:

· Follow-up of the cantonal nomination programs. Obtaining a nomination from one of the provinces is not impossible despite its difficulty.

Persevere in obtaining a good level in the language test (IELTS).

You must be careful with all information when entering it and mentioning it in the EE file, because every information mentioned you must prove later with documents and papers.

Tip: Watch out for falsification of information, certificates, or anything else.

The most important place to get information and get advice is the official Canadian immigration website  https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html


The issue of immigration to Canada requires time and patience, but it is not impossible, you must basically find the language in an excellent way and read a lot of information on the subject.

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